Back in 1996, we were enjoying a new business established party of my friend, his father was a reputed business person and industrialist in our city and imported food items from abroad. As I know, he came from a very poor family and rose to this level of status. I was deeply impressed by his history, struggle and his achievement in life.

By the time returned home, I could feel strong desire developing within me to do food business and rise to his stature… It was like a building castle in the cloud at that time. My financial condition was such that it would be crazy of me to think like that, but there was feeling within me which was assuring me that one day I could achieve that goal.

I mentioned my desire with my friends. They said “Nothing is Impossible, we will think about it, when we have all the resources.”

After that I was busy with my own life to make career. I struggled a lot in foreign land and started a small business. I used to export India and other countries.

After more than a decade, I met my friends again in a old friends’ party. My old cherished desire was still there and it once again surfaced and overpowered my brain and soul.

I was by then financially capable enough to start a new business. As god wanted, my friends were also doing marketing job in some renowned food companies and they already had 14 years’ experience in food business and had domestic business relation with more than enough retailers and wholesalers.

Now we are in position to start the business. I had always been health conscious and preferred health food. Oatmeal has always been my one time meal. I eat food with a motto “eat for health” and now I wanted to do food business with the same motto “Food for Health” and provide awareness to people with best hygienic foods.

As I already had enough knowledge about International market during my stay abroad, I wanted to expand my business further and wanted to import hygienic foods from international market. Then up to now, we have already took sole agency for Nepal, the product like:

Instant Oatmeal: Malaysia
Hazelnut Spread: Turkey
Peanuts Butter: India
Prawn Cracker: China
Dry Apricot: Turkey
Flavor Popcorn: South Korea

Now we always try to catch the way of learning and improve ourselves step by step toward………. industries.

Having contribution to society, country and world as much we can.